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Nama Syarikat Yang Dilarang


Gazette names No. 716/97. Unless prior approval from the ministry has been obtained, the Registrar of Companies will not accept registration of any company name or foreign company mentioned in the Schedule pursuant to section 22(1) and 341(1) of the Companies Act 1965.


Names suggesting connection with a member of the Royal Family or Royal patronage including names containing such words as "Royal", "Queen", "King", "Prince", "Princess", "Crown", "Regent", "Imperial" is prohibited.


You are not allowed to use names suggesting connection with a State or Federal agency or any municipality or other local authority or any Asean, Commonwealth, or foreign government or United Nation or other international organization or cartel including names containing such words as "Federal", "State", "National", "ASEAN", "UNESCO", "NATO", "EEC" and "OPEC".


Companies cannot include names with words or any words of like import such as "Bank", "Banker", "Banking", "Bumiputra", "Bureau", "Chamber of Commerce and Industry", "Chamber of Manufacturers", "Chartered", "College", "Consumer", "Council", "Credit", "Exchange", "Executor", "Fair Price", "Finance", "Foundation", "Fund", "Guarantee", "Institute", "Insurance", "Investment", "International", "Leasing", "Made in Malaysia", "Prime", "Registry", "Treasure", "Trust", "Unit Trust" and "University".


You are also prohibited to register names which are misleading as to the identity, nature, objects or purposes of a company or in any other manner, names which are blasphemous or likely to be offensive to members of the public and names that include proper name which is not the name of a director.


The Registrar of Companies has the rights to reject registration of names which are translation of a names of a company or foreign company registered under the Act or may resemble or be mistaken for the name of any other company or foreign company under the Act or may resemble or be mistaken for a name that is being reserved or the purpose of incorporation of a new company or registration of a foreign company or for the purpose of a changed of name of a company or foreign company registered under the Act.